6 Fashion Tips to Make You Look Taller

Struggling to make up for that height difference? Follow these fashion tips and learn what shoes make you taller for a crisp and tasteful look.

Let's face it: A lot of us are drawn to tall people. We use height to measure different things: attractiveness, confidence, charisma, and oddly enough, we also use height to describe success which is how we coined the term "someone to look up to". Undeniably, height plays a crucial role in how other people perceive you. Sometimes, you might even find yourself looking for shoes that make you look taller. And this makes sense because, in fact, research has found that there is what is called a “height premium” which applies to finding romantic partners and even in professional careers. It's tough to hear, but it's a real thing.

Fortunately, there are sartorial tricks that you can try to make yourself look taller. And fashion provides an indispensable way to help you gain confidence and make you look your best every day. There are cuts and prints that elongate the body and shoes for short men that make up for that height difference.

This article will tackle measures that you can take to have a lofty look. From buttoning your shirt to finding excellent shirt patterns, you'll find various ways to use fashion to your advantage. You will also learn what pants and what shoes make you taller

Below is an overview of the tricks that you can use.

  • Say goodbye to pant leg breaks
  • Look for vertical stripes
  • Get rid of baggy clothes
  • Shoot for monochrome or low contrast colours
  • Find a trusty pointed shoe
  • Avoid bulky accessories
  1. Say goodbye to pant leg breaks

The average pants of a man come with a "break." This is a crease that rests above the hem of your pants that touches your shoes. Although it helps taller people to look more proportionate, you want to avoid this as much as possible as it creates an appearance of shortness.

Aim for a no break and make sure you find an excellent tailor who knows precisely what you want. This detail may be small, but it makes all the difference. It creates a continuous line, exposing more of the shoes that make you taller. Plus, it creates a bespoke look that helps improve a sophisticated man.

Although this applies to more formal events and office settings, it never hurts to show off your fancy shoes.

TALLERLY Elevator Shoes Australia can help you find the perfect pair of lifts from wedding shoes for short men to the perfect Chelsea boots, you can select from a wide selection of styles and designs to nail a sleek office look. 

  1. Look for vertical stripes

It is a common belief in fashion that vertical stripes slim a person down. But this pattern can also help you look taller than you are. The lines create an illusion that elongates your body. Conjecture either.

It isn't just one man's opinion either. This is a scientifically proven phenomenon called the Helmholtz illusion, which states that illusions that fill the space appear larger than unfilled space.

When looking for patterns, it is also best to look for small-scale ones as large prints may drown you out visually and make you appear smaller.

  1. Get rid of baggy clothes

In the '90s, baggy JNCO jeans were all the rage. Those ultra-wide jeans had a colossal silhouette and leg openings that reached up to 50 inches. But it's 2021, and it's time for you to let go of the nineties craze in exchange for style. There is no more extended room for ill-fitting clothes.

Leaving the lazy day style makes you appear horizontally stretched. The tight fit creates a lengthening effect for a stylish silhouette and makes you seem less bulky. However, you want to make sure that you still feel comfortable in your clothes. Make sure that your shirt is snug and doesn't restrain your chest and upper back too tightly.

Another great tip to keep in mind is to wear short jackets to expose more legs. You could also tuck your shirt in to emphasize your lower body. To complete the outfit, don a pair of Wallaby Classic White shoes for short men.

  1. Shoot for monochrome or low contrast colors

The color of your outfit lets you express your mood and personality. 

But you want to make sure that you have a closet with near-identical shades of color. Low contrast outfits lessen the visibility of where your torso meets your lower body. 

It creates a more seamless transition, providing a towering look. However, it is okay not to match the exact shade of every article of clothing. As long as you have similar shades of subtle colors like grey, beige, brown, or black—you can rest easy knowing that your outfit's color scheme is on point.

For a dapper gentleman look, you can try wearing this Adonis Brown Leather Boots. This is the pair of shoes that will make you taller and will help you complete a polished and sophisticated ensemble. 

  1. Find a trusty pointy shoe

Ever wondered what the right shoes for short men are? The answer definitely isn't round and square-tipped shoes. When asked what shoes make you taller, a pointy pair of shoes is only the correct answer. It elongates your legs and slims you down. This type of shoe also adds a touch of edginess to your outfit. 

You can double down by selecting height improving shoes for men called elevator shoes. You could opt for a pair of Chelsea boots from TALLERLY Elevator Shoes Australia as they are a versatile pair that works for both casual and formal events.

  1. Avoid chunky accessories

Like we have mentioned in the previous sections, it is best to avoid chunky clothing altogether. Remember that fit is king. Apply this not only to your shirts and pants but to accessories as well. This means that you should look for smaller ties, tie knots, watches, and other accessories. 

Another advantage of this is that it helps older men look younger and more in style. Moreover, stray away from vests as they produce a busy midsection, thus, making you look shorter.

You could also use your hair to give yourself more height. Think of it as an accessory that you always have around. For men, it is recommended to maintain a short length with a healthy amount of hair on top for additional height. 

As for the ideal shoes for short men, you can put on subtle elevator shoes for that additional lift. Get the best elevator shoes Australia at TALLERLY. 

Final Reminders

Although height gives a man some advantage and head start when it comes to a stylish appearance, it isn't the end all be all. Remember that there are many stylish men that aren't big on height, like Ryan Seacrest and Bruno Mars.

There are still a thousand ways for you to outdress anyone. This applies to even those who are taller than you. You could follow the fashion tips we've shared above and improve your posture. 

But one thing you should never forget to do is to put on the best shoes that make you taller. Spruce yourself from top to bottom today and invest in a trusty pair of TALLERLY Elevator Shoes Australia.

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