8 Celebrities that Normalize Heels for Men

Whether you’re looking for shoes for short men or not, these A-list celebrities proved to us that they can flaunt any look with a little boost from their trusted pair of elevator shoes such as TALLERLY Elevator Shoes Australia

The celebrity culture brings forth actors, screen personalities, and even social media influencers as role models. People emulate what they do. People go where they go. People wear what they wear. They dictate the trends and there’s no denying of celebrities’ strong influence on pop culture.

Today, celebrities are more vocal about their appearances and the products that they use.  Particularly with male celebrities, there’s an openness to talk about skincare, hairlines, weight, and, of course—what we really take care of here at TALLERLY Elevators Shoes Australia: height.

In fact, if you’ve been searching for what shoes can make you taller, here, we will be sharing with you the secret of Hollywood actors, athletes, and politicians on how they look taller in their public appearances: elevator shoes. 

What are Elevator Shoes?

Elevator shoes are not necessarily shoes for short men. Men put them on to feel taller, to match their partner’s height, or to improve their posture. These men wear elevator shoes simply for the lift. 

Biologically, height is something we have no control over but it doesn’t mean that there’s nothing we can do, plus finding the ideal shoes for short men is pretty hard to come by.  So, if you’re looking for shoes that make you taller, TALLERLY Elevator Shoes Australia is the place to be. 

One of the reasons men avoid elevator shoes is that they are usually uncomfortable to the feet. But, over the years, TALLERLY has mastered the craftsmanship of espousing the comfort and style of luxury shoes and the functionality of elevator shoes. 

We don’t only care about what shoes make you taller but we also care about what shoes you want to wear. For the first time, there are pairs of elevator shoes in Australia that feel comfortable and are made out of the finest materials. Our dedication to quality allows our customers to enjoy high-quality and comfortable elevator shoes, and we can guarantee that each pair is assembled to perfection. 

When searching for “elevator shoes Australia'' online, it doesn't really offer you a lot of options as to what shoes can make you look taller. But TALLERLY alone can take care of all your needs for that much needed height boost with the perfect shoes that make you taller. We have pairs of luxurious yet affordable elevator shoes for short men and for any gentleman who wants to make a good impression. Whether it is for weddings,  mall trips, or hiking's, TALLERLY boasts of beautiful and durable shoes that can make you look taller--from the dress shoes, boots, and sneakers, we have just the right pair for you. 

We believe in producing an experience that extends beyond the shoes. Hence, we give our customers the power to choose from different materials of leather, rubber, and textile, even to the subtleness of their heels. You can select from heels that are visible for a few centimetres to a completely hidden pair of heels.

At TALLERLY elevator shoes Australia, we can give you that vertical boost that you’re looking for and improve your confidence with expertly designed elevator shoes that make you taller by 6-8 cm.

Elevator Shoes in the Limelight

The celebrities mentioned in this article certainly proved that wearing elevator shoes for short men (and even for tall men) should be perfectly normalized. After all, height isn’t just about looking great, it’s also about the confidence to feel great. And what better way to wear that confidence other than donning a pair of elevator shoes that make you taller. You might even be surprised to find out who these celebrities are!

Elevator shoes Australia

(Image Source: flickr.com)

Robert Downey Jr. 

The Marvel Universe superstar has talked about wearing elevator shoes in one of his interviews in 2010. Standing 172.1 m (5ft 7 ¾ ), RDJ shows no shame in getting a few more inches with his footwear to look better on screen. For our reference, his on-screen partner Gwyneth Paltrow is 175.3 cm (5ft 9) and they look great together! He simply makes up the height difference with his lifts. 

Elevator shoes Australia

(Image source: flickr.com)

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is 1.7 m (5ft 7) tall. While Robert Downey Jr. seems unbothered by the fact that he wears elevator shoes, The Mission Impossible actor, on the other hand, says he is very insecure about his height according to a 2011 interview. But a little lift from elevator shoes certainly makes him all the more dashing. 

Elevator shoes Australia | Height Increasing Shoes


Daniel Radcliffe

It’s no surprise that Daniel Radcliffe stands at 1.65 m (5ft 5) only. The actor who’s best known for starring in the Harry Potter films revealed that like any other vertically-challenged actor in the industry he wears elevator shoes from time to time. Despite being told that he’s not the typical male lead due to his stature, he proved critics wrong by leading the cast of films like The Swiss Army Man and Jungle.

Elevator shoes Australia | Height Increasing Shoes

(Image source: flickr.com)

Mark Wahlberg

According to Mark Wahlberg, people do not expect that he’s only 172.7 cm (5ft 8) when they see him for the first time in real life. The actor and producer of the 2020 biopic Good Joe Bell regularly wears elevator shoes that add a full 5 cm to his height.

Elevator shoes Australia | Height Increasing Shoes

(Image Credit: Rachel Luna/WireImage)

Sylvester Stallone

Portraying characters of strong tough men, Sylvester Stallone stands at 175 cm (5ft 9) tall. The Hollywood action star reveals that he looks taller than he actually is because he’s always in elevated shoes. We can’t tell if he did his stunts in his lifts but any movement is possible with a sophisticated, comfortable, and durable pair of elevator shoes. 

Elevator shoes Australia | Height Increasing Shoes

(Image Credit: Phillip Faraone/FilmMagic)

Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel is short of 6 ft by half an inch but we can all agree that he’s not a short guy. Standing exactly at 181.6 cm (5ft 11 ½) tall, the actor of the Fast & Furious Saga wears thick-heeled boots and lifts, too. His usual 10 cm lifts almost close the height gap between him and his co-star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who’s 196 cm (6ft 5) tall.

Elevator shoes Australia | Height Increasing Shoes

(Image source: TheSupercarBlog.com)

George Clooney

The A-list Hollywood actor is aware that he’s not a short guy but he told the press in 2017 that former President Donald Trump thought otherwise. George Clooney is 180 cm (5ft 11) tall but he has been spotted wearing elevator shoes on the red carpet to look taller than his partners and of course, to look more dashing on screen.

Elevator shoes Australia | Height Increasing Shoes

(Image Source: The Stars Fact)

Brad Pitt

Another A-list Hollywood actor, Brad Pitt, has also been spotted wearing elevator shoes on multiple occasions even if he’s not short. His impeccable posture makes him look taller than 180.3 cm (5ft 11), but he’s even taller when he wears his cuban heels and lifts on the red carpet and just when he's out and about. 

It’s definitely okay if you want to add a few more centimeters to your stature—not because celebrities want them, too, but because elevator shoes are just simple enhancers that can boost your confidence and self-image. They’re not just shoes for short men. In fact, regardless if you are vertically challenged or you just think a little more height looks good on you, you can proudly own and wear shoes that make you look taller. Get your elevator shoes from TALLERLY Elevator Shoes Australia and find the perfect pair for a handsome debonair like you.