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How Do Height Increasing Shoes Work?

There are many things in life that we feel we have no control over. One of these things is our height. For years now, height increasing shoes (or elevator shoes) have been on the market, available to men (and women) who are searching for ways to add a few centimeters to their build and feel more confident without resorting to drastic measures like surgery (or wearing hats to try and look taller). If you’re one of the people who have taken to wearing these kinds of shoes, you may be wondering “how do height increasing shoes work”? Well, let’s find out…

How are height increasing shoes made?

Now, we can’t speak for all elevator shoe brands, but here at TALLERLY - Elevator shoes Australia, we’re all about quality and craftmanship. Our luxury height increasing shoes are conceptualized and crafted in-house, so we know exactly how much care goes into each and every pair.

There are 4 separate layers that make up our high-quality elevator shoes:

  • Premium grade leather makes up the outer shape and design.
  • Our comfortable unique TALLERLY insoles sit directly against your feet.
  • The star of the show, our height increasing ergonomic layer sits just under that, adding valuable centimeters to your natural height.
  • A set of durable outer soles are then secured to the bottom, completing the innovative design.
Shoes for short men

The ergonomic height increasing layer sits subtly inside the shoe without giving away the fact that it’s there boosting your height and your confidence in the process. That’s the secret of high-quality elevator shoes. Nobody should even know you’re wearing them. 

All TALLERLY  elevator shoes are hand-stitched, expertly embroidered and assembled with precision to ensure every pair is comfortable, sturdy and has a look of luxury.

How much height can elevator shoes add?

All of our currently in-stock TALLERLY elevator shoes Australia can add between 7-8cm in height to your natural stature. That could make all the difference in building confidence with ease!

To read more about how elevator shoes can change your life for the better, check out some of our other blog posts, or go straight to the TALLERLY online shelves and take a look at the styles we have on offer.

Our bestsellers include our brown Ares  and our brown Boston