Apollo Sneakers will make you 8cm taller without compromising comfort.

The Apollo sneaker is the elite love child of subtlety and flare. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, these heights increasing shoes are made with premium jet-black calfskin leather and interlaced with breathable mesh fabric. These sneakers are the benchmark of quality and comfort. They’re a stylish, sleek and offer a contemporary design for modern men. 

Every pair of Apollo sneakers is handcrafted with impeccable attention to detail and hidden within are our patented TALLERLY elevator insoles, giving you an impressive 8cm boost, elevating you from the status of mere man to Olympian God.

The Apollo will turn heads at any sporting match or a casual catch-up with friends. Even a quick trip to the shops with Apollo on will have you feeling confident all day every day.

The Apollo is right at home with a pair of black jeans, a casual tee or polo shirt, and a hoodie or zip-up jacket. It’s a casual option for a classy man with respect for his appearance at all times.

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