BOSTON | Height Increasing Formal wedding shoes


In a sea of suits and ties, make sure you stand tall above the rest. 

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, the Boston stays true to the formal, corporate design of standard dress shoes while offering unmatched attention to detail, high-quality materials, impeccable craftsmanship, and an impressive boost to your height.

The Boston separates the men from the gentlemen. With an 8cm boost to your height thanks to cleverly hidden insoles, you’ll enjoy a whole new level of confidence. Take the opportunity to lift your height, charm, and presence with this height increasing dress shoe.

 Wear them toThe Boston is made for weddings, first and foremost. Aside from being the best shoe to wear on a spectacular wedding day, Boston is also perfectly at home at other formal events like corporate work conventions and high-end celebrations.

Pair them with A dapper outfit is exactly what these stylish shoes call for. Grooms, groomsmen, and wedding guests alike will find Boston to be a perfect companion to their formal suits. The sleek black colour of these lace-up dress shoes makes for a versatile option to complement all aspects of men’s wedding attire.


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