BOSTON BROWN - Height Increasing Formal wedding shoes


For the men who aspire to do things a little bit differently.  

Sometimes a black dress shoe simply won’t do. The suave Boston Brown height increasing formal shoe has been handcrafted in Sydney, Australia to offer you the best of both worlds. You get the eye-catching appeal of brown calfskin leather, paired with a timeless design that will serve you in any formal gathering or board meeting. 

 The Boston Brown has been expertly handcrafted to flawlessly conceal our TALLERLY elevator soles, giving you an extra 8cm of height. It’s time to stand tall and stand out.

Wear them toThe Boston Brown is perfectly suited to special occasions like weddings, races and nights out with friends. It’s also a charming design to wear to professional events like work conferences and board meetings that require an extra air of confidence.

 Pair them withThe Boston Brown plus a dark navy-blue suit is the perfect match up. Add some stylish cuff links, a watch and a bold tie to suit the occasion and you’ll look and feel as though you’re ready to tackle any event head on, standing tall.


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