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No matter the occasion, there’s always room to step up your wardrobe.  These Sneakers will make you 7cm taller.

The Soho is our entry into the lifestyle segment, ditching our traditional leathers for something a bit more relaxed. This sophisticated sneaker is designed in Sydney, Australia, with extremely breathable mesh and featuring incredible grip on its hardy outsoles.These sneakers are built to keep up with an active lifestyle, while still maintaining the dedication to craftsmanship synonymous with TALLERLY.

Every pair of Soho sneakers are handcrafted with two things in mind; comfort and quality. You’ll also find our TALLERLY elevator soles hidden within, making for a 7cm boost to your height.

It is the epitome of a trendy, active lifestyle.

Depending on your career, the Soho could be a perfect fit for casual client meetups, but on the other hand (or foot) it is the perfect shoe for running around with the kids or taking with you on vacation and will complement everyday activities with comfort and class.

Any casual outfit will work with the Soho. From sportswear to lifestyle gear, shorts and a tee to jeans and a polo, and everything in between. The versatile black and white colourings are made to suit any ensemble.

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